Discussing the state of the kitchen and bath industry with Scott.

For those of you who watch the TV series Income Property usually aired on HGTV and the DIY network, you might be Familiar with


Scott Mcgillivray. I caught up with him while hosting the first Design Bites programmed at the show.

Talking with Scott and many others at the show, revealed something that some of us already knew. The kitchen and bath Industry is leaning towards Contemporary design is really taking a stand. It is safe to say that it has stake its claim and this type of contemporary is not a style that has “come back”.

It is new, fresh and innovative. The industry has not seen the likes of this before and to be honest, It is truly exciting.

There’s also a crossing over of some contemporary features into the traditional kitchen style. They are more Linear in design, has very strong lines, and packed with a lot of technology.

We see manufacturers are catering to this need as well by designing and using apps to synchronize the function of the kitchen and by extension, the entire home which is now known as Smart homes.

Scott and I spoke briefly about managing customer expectation on the Job. You might be surprise on how similar his Job is compared to a lot of ours on a day to day basis. We face the same type of issues, budget restraints and timeline. A lot do go on behind of the scenes. It is a TV show, but the realities are the same.

It’s always fun to meet like-minded pros in this field!

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