The Cost vs Value Report

It is finally here! We’ve spent the last few days combing through the data. This confirmed what we have been seeing and experiencing over the last year. In both the “Major kitchen Remodel (upscale) and the “Minor Kitchen Remodel (mid range)”,cost vs value of these remodels have a rising (ROI) Return on investment.  The chief editor of Remodeling magazine Craig Webb pointed this out as well.

RAJ uses a very reputable research data called the CVV (Cost Vs Value) report. With this information, your particular needs, circumstances and cost will always be unique to you. This report puts you in the right starting place. I say this time and time again, my best customers are those who will take the time to read blogs and those who educate themselves on what things really cost. However, their scope of work, location and contractor cost will not be the same, which can lead to more confusion than when they began the inquiry.

So what is really the cost vs Value? -Hear it from Craig Webb himself.


One of the questions that a designer should ensure is answered during the consultation stage, is how much of a budget will the client be working with. Frequently a customer will indicate that there are no “budget constraints” . Notwithstanding face value, there can be many different reasons for that answer, but that is not the focus of this article. Our focus is how and where to get the information you need before venturing into a kitchen remodel.

Clients are frequently indecisive about how much they are willing to spend on a new kitchen. If you don’t have a budget or an idea of what things cost, it’s an invitation for someone else to make the decision for you. I’ve been in the remodeling field for many years and it never cease to amaze me how difficult it is to get budget information from clients.

Properly designing a kitchen is not an easy task and it requires many investigative research hours, along with detail planning, which often includes strategic placement of cabinets and appliances. It is critical to maintain balance, function and aesthetics during this process.

This process can sometimes take weeks depending on the space and the client, which could become costly. Budget is therefore a critical factor. It is an immense waste of time and energy for all involved, especially the designer. To prevent that, we start out with the Cost vs Value report. It’s the benchmark which we use to start the budget side of the conversation.

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How have you been able to help your clients balance cost vs value? We would love to hear from you.

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