RAJ is an organization consisting of gifted, honest and dedicated craftsmen who will do a great job for you.
Joseph Marra
Kitchen designs are professional, unique, modern, traditional, cozy, warm and contemporary. In other words everything and anything you wish for can be delivered by RAJ.
Philip Lombardo
Excellent knowledge, delivery, and follow up, even after the job was done, first time kitchen remodel, from our 1970’s design, to our modern day dream space. We cant believe the transformation, Rayan is a true professional, and worked within our budget.
Joe Black
Raj Kitchen and Bath is a very professional company. They take their work very seriously and you will not be disappointed with their work. The attention to detail and ability to listen to the customers needs is impeccable!
Rohan Duncombe
Amazing work! If you’re looking for a beautiful, classic and unique design by someone who CAN OVER DELIVER ~ RAJ Kitchen and Bath is the right choice!
Miniimah Saafir
RAJ Kitchen and Bath is the company you want designing and implementing your new kitchen or bathroom in your home. They will work with you to create both a beautiful and functional space and make sure all the details are executed to perfection!
Rachel Sager
Rayan James won Best In Westchester for a reason. I have seen his work and it is beautiful. Well thought out design is as clear as the aesthetic style that runs through this mans head, becoming reality in your kitchen. Whether your budget is $10K or $200K, you will have a great experience with RAJ Kitchen and Bath.
Robert B
It only takes a few minutes with RAJ to realize that this man is extremely talented.
I saw it myself recently.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at the work he has completed recently.
It will absolutely amaze you.
No matter your budget, I guarantee RAJ will make your dream kitchen a reality !!!!

Sue Bennett

Looking through RAJ Kitchen and Bath’s work portfolio, you would think you were browsing through a catalog of interior stock photography shots for a high-end catalog. Their work is absolutely stunning – nothing short of perfection both in style and function. No matter if your budget is on the lower end or unlimited, RAJ can give you the kitchen of your dreams. They are professional, personable, but most importantly highly skilled at what they do. You will not be disappointed…and everyone will be envious of your kitchen!

Jaime Garry Radovic
RAJ is a superior service. Rayan is an extremely capable and knowledgeable designer, who brings awesome results. Two thumbs up!!
Noel Nelson
As someone who is extremely interested in design – I’m blown away by the home transformations produced by RAJ Kitchen and Bath. Rayan really listens to what his client’s want and doesn’t miss a detail – from aesthetic appeal to functionality. This is a business I would not only allow into my home, but would also highly recommend to my family and friends. Professional, personable, and knowledgeable.

Great work RAJ Kitchen and Bath!

Frances Hughes
Do you wish to have a dream kitchen and bath you see on the Property Brothers HGTV Show?

You can have your dream kitchen and bath with RAJ Kitchen and Bath. His photos speak volumes of his work! They are the Real Kitchens and Baths of his Clients.

Not to worry, if you have an apartment, he can redesign your kitchen and bath as well.

I highly recommend RAJ Kitchen and Bath!

Rabbi Andrea Frank
The Jewish Wedding Rabbi

Rabbi Andrea Frank
RAJ produces some of the most stunning kitchens around. Excellent quality. Each kitchen is designed with the client in mind. These are kitchens and bathrooms you look forward to going home to. Congratulations RAJ on winning Best Kitchen Design in Best of Westchester!
Sonya Louis
Rayan James is one of the best in the field of kitchen design. You will be very pleased with the finished results
Mary Brady
This is a company I would definitely recommend having experiencing first hand the kind of expert and creative work they push out. Ryan I wish you all the best and I know you will capture the hearts and imagination of all your customers. When I first saw what you were capable of producing i was totally in awe and I will forever tell others of the great work you do. In addition to your great work, I admire the way you are with people – humble, willing to listen and quick to offer a solution even though seems impossible at the time. You always seem to find a way to resolve and solve making it a win- win situation in the end. May God continue to bless your company and all that you put your hands to.
Earl Daniel
A friendly, quick, cost effective and professional service.
Satisfied Client
I’ve had the privilege to not only see the finish product but also see the creative process preceding, I am stunned and wowed each and every time at the fact that no two design and no two kitchen or bath is ever the same. I would recommend RAJ Kitchen and Bath to anyone who is looking for forward thinking, creative, unique designs. Contemporary and innovative designs done in seemingly impossible spaces and time. Its amazing to see how a kitchen and bath transform into the most decorative and enjoyed room in your home. RAJ Kitchen and Bath Kitchen Construction.
- Westchester, NY