Project Description

Small Kitchen in Riverdale NY


This small kitchen was way too small for this 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartment. Not only was it a very small kitchen, but the physical location of it made it very difficult to make it any bigger. There wasn’t much that could have been done without incurring astronomical cost, which would get little or no return on the investment. The client wanted a kitchen that can be optimized in its current location to add a ton of value for resale.

This was difficult to do, because there was no moving of any mechanical around in the kitchen and even if we wanted to, the management of the building would not allow. For those of you who live in condos, co-ops or apartment building, you know how difficult it is to rework these foot prints.  When we showed up, we saw the problems, but we also saw a huge opportunity where we can achieve those goals in the small space. This was accomplished by making some key changes and to incorporate some new things that was not possible when this kitchen was built years ago.

The crucial part of the design that would drive the entire new layout, was selecting the only appliance; that was the Refrigerator. Once we nailed down that refrigerator, we then proceeded to design the kitchen around it. We moved it to the other side of the wall where the sink was so that we can tap into the water line from the sink plumbing.  It was crucial that it stays exactly 24″ deep, not an inch more because we had to keep the entry as open as possible. Also, it was going to be directly in front of another big storage unit – The pantry. It is not ideal in most cases, but we needed the rest of the space to ramp up the design and open feel towards the side where all of the activities would take place, which happend to be the dining room and the view.

Once all that was figured out, we re-positioned the sink, dishwasher and the range and proceeded to wrap the cabinets around the columns to integrate them into the space. Thirty- six inches cabinets height was used so that they can be installed higher towards the ceiling height to give more room rather than the standard 18″ required height between the counter tops. This was done to make the room feel a lot bigger than it really was. Not to mention, we also didn’t want the faucet to be buried under the cabinets so that was also a necessary design detail for the space.

We then lowered both knee walls so that the counter top can sit on top of them, by removing that stop point that would have otherwise defined the kitchen area. This allowed us to pick up that extra footprint into the room for added prep space and enabled us to create the illusion of a kitchen that is looking longer than it really is. Every inch mattered when designing this kitchen and we made a conscious decision to use every one of that inch.

White cabinets were selected to do just what white cabinets are design to do; make a small or dark room appear bigger, brighter and more open. In this kitchen, this was amplified the more because of the kitchen location. It was perfect! We knew we did justice to the space because while we were there taking some photos, a few potential buyers walked in and went straight for the kitchen! They said its design just to fit the apartment.

Pantry roll out shelving, Double recycle bin, fancy handles, LED lighting, Quartz counter top, beautiful backslash tiles and grey linen floors finished off the kitchen which looked over a beautiful view of the George Washington Bridge from the top of this lovely 4th floor apartment.

Credit to Masterpiece Tile and Marble (Annmarie on the selection of Tiles and countertop and Val on the Construction to complete this project).

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