Every year around this time I try to make it a personal thing to pick up the phone and reach out to a lot of the people in my life who has made a contribution to my success one way or the other. I typically start from Thanksgiving, to Christmas and then to New year’s.


No man is an Island onto himself, my success are celebrated not without the ups and downs in life and certainly not without the help of all of you. I kept InTouch with emails, text and the likes. As I look back over the years I realize one thing, and that is, no matter what the circumstances, you came into my life for a reason and some for a season. I just want to say thanks for playing that role.


Going forward I wish for you that you will attain what you set your heart to. I am not a big believer in resolutions, I am a big believer in dreams, goals and Vision. I wish for you that this year 2016 will give you another opportunity to achieve whatever goal it is that you set your heart to.


Let’s all forge forward. Roll up our sleeves, bend our backs into it and move towards a bigger, better and a brighter future


Have a fantastic week and by extention an EXPLOSIVE 2016!


The Management and Staff of RAJ Kitchen and Bath LLC.