We do understand that part of the decision making process that a client undergoes before embarking on a kitchen remodel, and sometimes an entire re-design of the interior space, is to get a few pricing from different Companies. Our process is a lot different. We really dig in with a complete analysis and study of your space before we come up with the right design, scale and cost.

This can sometimes take from a few days or up to 2 weeks. We put a lot of time into making sure we recommend the right layout for that particular home, coupled with our clients needs and wants.

One of our pre-qualification steps is a small retainer which can be anywhere from as low as $1,000.00 to about $2,500.00. The retainer is non refundable. However, we do apply the retainer towards the cost of Cabinets when you place the order.

There can be additional fees associated with your project depend on how extensive a renovation that you are undertaking. If you are adding a bathroom, extending the house, relocating windows, opening up load bearing walls etc, then we would also have to figure in for filing, stamping and Architectural fees for your local town.

Give us a call and let us help you navigate through all of these complications, so that we can get your dream remodel completed just the way you want it, and even better yet,  beyond your wildest expectation!

For every one and every situation, the answer will be different. This answer is hinged only and directly on these two things; (1) the scope of work and (2) the material selection for that particular project. Stock cabinet gets to your home faster while custom can get there up to 3 months after you approved the designs for production.

What I can tell you is this, be prepared for an average remodel to take at least 6-12 weeks. Sorry to tell you, but it will not be an HGTV 24 hrs transformation.

Architects and Kitchen designers are two completely different skill set. There are instances where the skills overlap. There are some Architects  who know about kitchen design and vice versa, but in most cases they are trained differently and has different goals. An Architect is trained to look at the structure as a whole and how the structure functions in relation to the home, while a Kitchen designer is primarily trained in looking at the kitchen and how it relates to the rest of the interior space around it. Your ideal approach is a kitchen Designer who works with you first to put all of your ideas on paper, then over to an architect if needed, who will make it ready for the building department in your town. Sometimes depending on the scope of your the project, you will need only the kitchen designer and other times you would need  both working together.

We have a full comprehensive guide on how kitchen remodeling cost. Head over to our Pricing guide page to check it out. There is also a very good resource from this study as well. ” Cost VS Value report ”  as  a guide to help you maximize the return on your investments. No matter the reason for your remodel, you should seek design and professional help to assist you in making good solid decision on the design and material selection to achieve maximum impact for your budget.

Part of our culture as a Company is to be forward thinking. We go to all the trade shows and we are plugged into all the available technology. We are always looking for ways to keep pushing the envelope. Contemporary and transitional design concepts are really making an impression in the market over the last few years. We look at Companies like Hafele, who offers a lot of the LED lighting and conceal mechanisms that we used to facilitate this particular style. University like Virginia Tech, who came out just last year with the Future Haus module concept. Elmwood Cabinetry  can be seen as leading the way by offering a lot of textured melamine, whites and Diamond Gloss finishes. Customers are asking for whites, Technology, space maximization, especially in the city. Multi-use spaces for most of our younger clients who need home offices but lack the space. They are demanding that we design for a lifestyle… Their lifestyle!  And we are right in the forefront of this moving trend. The best part is that we are bringing our customers along for a front seat ride. It’s an exciting time to be part of this new evolution in the kitchen and bath industry.

Yes, we certainly can do that. Just go ahead and send us a pdf copy of the plans and one of our designers would reach out to you if more information is required and to provide you with a quote on the cabinets.

Great questions! Glad you ask. To make it quite simple we can sum this up very easy. “WE ARE GOOD AT WHAT WE DO.” Our award winning designs, cabinet selection, Efficient space utilization and the way in which we are able to almost work with all types of budgets to defy the odds are evident in our client testimonial about us. The way that we blend a kitchen seamlessly into a space has made us one of the best in our industry.

Once you become a client of ours, your goal becomes our goal, your budget becomes our budget and all of our resources and connections become yours as well. Kitchen and bath remodel does not have to be stressful and complicated. Neither does it have to be a negative experience. We have figured out a way through years of successes and some failures so that we can make it as enjoyable an experience for you.

You will have a designer assign to you to help with all of this. Not just to design and leave you alone, make a sale and move on. We hold your hands throughout the process to navigate through tons of small decisions, all of which will finally come together to make your dream kitchen become a reality.

We offer a 20 minute phone consult. This is to get to know you better and to see if the project is a good fit for us. It is also for you to see if we are good fit for you. If  we agree that we can both work together, then we move to the next step. This can be anywhere from a site visit or  full design plans and contract for the kitchen remodel. Call us now, 914 888 7668 or 914 648 2057  let’s talk. We may be able to help.

We believe in a collaborative effort for the best results. Over the years, we’ve come to work with some of the best General Contractors in their respective field. We believe that a cabinet installer is not a license electrician, neither is an electrician a plumber.

What we do is that we wrapped a team of professionals around you to get the job done. This makes it easy for everyone to get on the same page so that the expected results are guaranteed to the end. No need for you to figure any of that out for yourself. There are simply too many moving parts in a kitchen remodel.

If you also have your own contractor, we work with them as well. We do what needs to get done to get the job done. It’s really all about you.

As trained designers, we are taught very early on that each space in the home is inter-connected, so changing or updating one room, especially now that the open concept kitchens are trending, will undoubtedly affect the other room around it.

Each space has to be functional and practical on its own and at the same time, needs to connect to the other. The answer is therefore, yes. We handle other rooms in our designs, sometime, we have to reconfigure the entire interior of the home to make the design work. Laundry, Living, bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms etc are all taken into consideration when we design.

Yes, Yes and Yes! , but it really depends on the size and scope of the project.

Design takes on a life of its own pretty fast! its like a living breathing thing. It’s the sum of all parts that somehow has to come together and form this one cohesive beautiful space at the end. Hrs and Hrs of planning, designs, engineering, mechanical, troubleshooting and most of all, the execution of the project, all has to come together to make things work. So, yes, we work with different professionals in the different discipline in our industry to make sure that the client gets the end result they need.