Countertops Brands and Selection

Selecting your countertops is one of the other many decisions that usually are part of the overall process of making your dream kitchen shine just the right way you would want it too. If its too light, it gets lost in the details, if its too dark, it takes over and kill the space. Too many veins on some designs becomes a bit too busy while on others it would be just perfect. Not enough veins might be a bit boring while veinings in other spaces while perfect for others. A little zig here and a little zag there.. you get the idea.

Choosing the material as well is also very important. Do you choose between Quartzite vs Marble Vs Granite Vs Quartz? These are all discussion that usually forms part of the decisions that usually take place during the design process. We put this page together to help you get a grasp on some of the materials that are available on the market and to put you at ease with the process so that when we do meet with you, you would already be one step ahead in the process, thus making it less stressful on you. Lets dig in. Click on any of the links below to see how these countertop stack up with your imagination!








Quartz Master

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