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How We Got Started

Why Choose RAJ?

With a true respect for the distinct personality of every client and every home,  RAJ puts a lot of attention to details when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom. We first seek to capture the essence of the space, then  by mixing a blend of our client needs, married to the history and theme of the home, we would then devise a unique concept that will fit for every room.

RAJ always strives to  create homes and commercial spaces that captures timeless sophistication, infused with a fresh youthful flair.  Our Portfolio ranges from a mix of Contemporary to Traditional to Eclectic styles and designs.

We are a group of  fashion forward thinking designers, designing spaces that would stand the test of change. Our designs are trendy but still timeless. That is what sets us apart in this industry. Kitchen are no longer just about cabinets.. its now a fashion industry which caters to the unique life style of each of our clients.

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